For the love of phones

Blogtembera self portrait.self portrait

I love my iPhone. I do. It let’s me stay connected to my people, provides a steady stream of entertainment and gives me a sense of security when I’m lost and alone.  Not to mention it captures FUN moments like this one earlier today!

Tonight Walker and I pulled over to snap our portraits for Blogtember (a day late of course) with our phones, and then we put them away. And it felt so good. This wasn’t our first phone-free date, but each time I get a little apprehensive at the beginning. What if I need my phone?! What if somebody needs me?!

Thanks to some good friends we went to see Rhythmic Circus, a tap dancing – band performance that was out of this world. Our attention was focused on every single click of the heel, and during intermission we focused on each other. It was an incredible show. Even my non-dancing husband caught the fever as he (seriously) tap danced all the way back to the truck weaving in and out of the traffic.

As we pulled our our phones back out at the end of the night, we had no text messages, no notifications, nothing. Nobody needed us. There was no social media that just couldn’t wait (there never is). It was a night of us needing each other, and throwing away any distractions that might get in the way. I love you, iPhone, but I love people more. You will be making less and less appearances on the daily. I choose real- life interaction over status updates and Instagram likes. Let’s do today all over again tomorrow.



We’ll march forever down the years

20130805-090813.jpgWe were passing through Waco Saturday night when we needed to grab a quick dinner with Opal in tow. We picked up a Chicago-style pizza and swung by Baylor for a spontaneous little date. Well, one thing led to another and we gave Opal a whole campus tour. At least as much as her smushed nose and absent endurance could handle. By the end of it, we had some really great laughs but also an overheated pup for whom we quickly went to buy a water bottle. Yes, our love of Baylor almost killed our dog. But as most Baylor grads would say, you gotta start ’em early, right? Hopefully next time these pictures will include a green and gold cheerleading outfit. We all have to move on from Baylor at some point or another, but isn’t it the best place to go back and visit?!20130805-090901.jpg“You’re telling me this makes me keep barking even after I stop?!”20130805-091015.jpgPracticing for her future graduation picture. 20130805-091055.jpg“SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!”20130805-091147.jpgShe couldn’t believe she was standing in the same place where her godparents got engaged. 20130805-091216.jpgPro-Texana. Pro Ecclesia. 20130805-091756.jpgShe ran everywhere with this much excitement. Or she was in squirrel-chasing heaven. 20130805-091303.jpgShe wasn’t so much a fan of the fountain. Please notice her skid marks. 20130805-091353.jpgSometimes we still stand in awe, too, Opal. 20130805-091455.jpg“Ruff, ruff, ruuuuuuuuff!” Aggressively barking at Judge Baylor as a real tour walked by made for two really embarrassed parents. 20130805-091532.jpgBut she started to warm up to him. 20130805-091600.jpgAnd knew they’d be friends forever. As long as stars shall shine.

And there you have it. One of our absolute funniest memories with this dog of ours. So glad to have her back. Sic ’em bears! Shoot!! We never made it over to the bears.

A Lufkin Christmas

A few weeks ago, right before life got so busy, Walker and I took ourselves on a Christmas date. I guess we didn’t notice last time around, but Lufkin does some top-notch decorating this time of year. We walked around downtown and snapped some pictures of our favorite holiday sights, remembering just how quaint this little city can be. We even made a stop by the famous Rudolph oil pump which is the biggest hit of all around here.

Walker taught me about the camera. I sang terrible Christmas carols. He walked faster than my short legs could handle. And I eavesdropped on children having conversations in Spanish. We don’t claim to be great photographers, but we sure are decent at cheap dates!downtownmuralcollagemerrydeercollage2walkersnowmanoilpumpblur


Husband has recently been making Mondays the most exciting day of the week!

Last Monday, Walker brought home old photo albums titled “Girls and Me!!!! yesssss.” I’m still laughing about those pictures a week later.

Tonight, I came home from work to find him digging a huge hole in our yard to make a fire pit. He planned us a S’more date. I think I’ll keep him around.

I can’t wait to see what he has planned for next Monday. Probably ice-skating in our driveway.20121119-193948.jpg

San Antonio

We’ve been taking these past few days to recuperate from our weekend getaway to San Antonio! One of us (cough cough, me…no really, i’m coughing with every click of the keyboard) went on our anniversary trip and came down with the flu/bad cold/something gross. Thanks to our beloved friends Dayquil and Nyquil, a sore throat and runny nose couldn’t keep us down! Although it did almost keep someone down. I would like to apologize to the man riding a motorized wheelchair that I almost ran over while riding our rented bikes in a Nyquil-induced coma. Ding, ding! Girl with the flu coming through!

We enjoyed biking through downtown, strolling the Riverwalk, visiting sketchy parks at night trying to sneak a peak at old missions, encountering history and culture, spotting mariachis at every turn, hearing lots of Spanish, eating eating eating, and most importantly visiting the Alamo! Walker may or may not have gotten a little choked up. He also made the decision that if he was a duck, he would want to live on the Riverwalk.

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to go to San Antonio like we’d planned, but thanks to an extra job that came up and the generous gifts of some church members and parents, we thrived on four days of adventure and quality time! We even got to put on some fancy clothes and eat at a fancy schmancy restaurant! To echo this post, what gracious and supportive people we have in our lives! Thank you!


Caaaaake! We’ve been waiting to eat our cake for a year, because it was just that good the night of. Although we were expecting lemon and were slightly disappointed to discover German chocolate, it was still that good! Besides that, we had a pretty laid back celebration tonight consisting of a favorite meal, an exchange of gifts, bow ties and denim, and our favorite bully.

And oh yeah, I put on my dress. It’s just the way I remember it–barbecue stain and all–but I can’t say I felt as pretty in it with my rain boots on. If we’ve discovered one thing, it’s that the rain loves us. Rained on our wedding day. Rained on our anniversary trip. Rained today. Rain on, mother nature!

We received so many texts, calls and cards today, and we are so appreciative. What thoughtful people we have in our lives! Thanks for remembering us!

Ps. One night while in San Antonio we decided to make a list of things we learned about each other during our first year of living together. We sat by the rooftop pool under the romantic moonlight (just kidding, there were about 20 kids splish splashing while another kid pulled the emergency alarm) and laughed about this list. Enjoy down below…


1. SHE is a minimalist when it comes to paper towels. 2. SHE really loves Opal. 3. SHE thinks there is difference between cleaning and straightening up. 4. SHE has a different idea of what it means to be healthy than he does. 5. SHE is a recently a fan of denim. 6. SHE loves morning talk. 7. SHE can produce smells worse than mine.

Bonus: SHE is against the idea of midnight snacks. What?!KATELYN LEARNED THESE THINGS ABOUT WALKER:

1. HE will milk being sick for all it’s worth. 2. HE believes in using four paper towels every time he washes his hands. 3. HE can always justify spending money. 4. HE thinks all of his jokes are funny. She thinks some are severely offensive. 5. HE loves night time pillow talk. 6. HE douses himself in Axe body spray after he showers. Yes, for real. 7. HE has the realization that we are best friends on a near daily basis.

Bonus: When HE enters the bathroom to do some serious business, you will most definitely hear Journey playing from his phone every. single. time! 

sushi & rain boots

Since we are about to spend the next 48 hours with youth at water parks, we decided we deserved a date night. Plus it gave me a great excuse to wear my new Paizlee shirt!

Little did we know Lufkin was about to receive torrential rains. I promise I saw animals marching two by two and asking directions to the ark. Walker was so hungry he resorted to eating raisins, but we patiently waited until the rain eased up just enough as to not tear our umbrella in half.

We dropped our baby girl off at her home for the weekend (I really miss her) and finally made our way to restaurant row only to find dark windows from power outages. Terrified that Saki might be closed, we rejoiced as we saw the ‘open’ sign shining bright as the Vegas strip.

Good food. Good company. Great rain boots.


Pasture Putt-Putt

Cross that one off the Lufkin bucket list!

In an effort to explore the tiny treasures hidden throughout Lufkin, Walker and I planned a date night to play Putt-Putt…in a pasture. For real, the course is in the middle of a grassy field, and a man was actually mowing while we putted away.

It’s not the flashiest mini-golf I’ve ever seen, but I think it’s my favorite! We loved laughing underneath the low-hanging twinkle lights (and one bug light) while competing for the lowest score.

Walker walked away with the lowest number of strokes, but since we gave the win to the player who won the last hole, just call me a champion. We found you charming King Putt! We will definitely be back, especially since you gave us a free pass.

I should keep a count of how many times my bright blue pants show up on this blog…

Date Night: Peking Acrobats

Today Walker was given some tickets to the Peking Acrobats, an acrobatic group from Beijing who stopped by Angelina College on their US tour. So, we went on our first date since our little baby Opal came into our lives!

They put on an incredible show of balance, strength, flexibility, costume and artistic dance. We loved having some international culture here in Lufkin. During intermission we practiced our Chinese but were interrupted by the 85 year old man next to me who was making fun of me for not having 4G. Then he asked Walker to check the BU vs. Florida score. He was a keeper.

No pictures were allowed during the show. Bummer. Afterward we were too embarrassed to take a picture with them, so I pulled a creeper move and took one of a few acrobats from behind.

Then we had our own flexibility competition when we got home.

Pretty sure I won. Although it’s still a pathetic attempt.