Now & Then

mom1While cleaning out a closet at my parents’ house this summer, I found a dress my mom wore in the 70s. I immediately claimed it as mine. Sadly, mother dearest was a member of a rather wild and crazy teaching sorority back in her day (shout out to Delta Kappa Gamma), and a huge punch stain was visible to the naked eye. Nothing a small alteration couldn’t fix, and now I have a dress that means so much to me.

Walker took some pictures of me in the frock, and I gave them to my mom for her birthday this week so she can frame us side by side. I loved creating this keepsake. It’s a fun dress with an even more special significance. Here’s how the pictures turned out!k5k6twirlk2front to backk copyThanks for the pics, husband!


Confessions of a shopaholic who isn’t really a shopaholic

Blogtember 7:  Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

I thought this would be an easy post since I don’t do much shopping in Lufkin. Naturally that must mean I shop online, right? I guess I’m realizing I just don’t shop that much at all, because I can only think of one store.  I have a hard time paying full price for something unless I’m head over heels for it, but give me a sale and I fall in love quickly. I guess that’s why stores have sales…for suckers like me. I might only be able to think of one store tonight, but it’s the BEST store. I’ve talked about it on here before, and I’d be pant-less in my previous post if it hadn’t been for them. I’m a Paizlee fan through and through. I admire people who have a dream, take a chance, work hard and smart, and find success. I love their clothes. I love their prices. And most of all, I love the owners.

Now go buy you some stuff. Or me. Go buy me some stuff!


Thank you?

I want to remember tonight. Tonight is the night someone told me ‘You look like Johnny Depp.’ Tonight is the night that someone told me I look like a man, and I took it as a compliment. From now on, you can call me John. 20130306-212536.jpg

Clothes and Comfort Zones

headshot…that one time i stepped out of my comfort zone, big time…

If there’s one thing I’m not good at, it’s being vulnerable. I’m not a big feeling or dream sharer, and I keep my goals private. I hate the idea of people knowing I’m invested in something and then have it fall apart. It’s a fault, and I’m working on it.

So, when my friend from seminary, Aurelia, asked me to send her some pictures of my everyday style choices, I of course said no. While I’m confident in stepping out in the world wearing no makeup and sweats, it scares me to tell people ‘I think these clothes look good on me.’ Fear of rejection, I guess. I’m like this in most walks of life, not just fashion.


These days I’m thinking vulnerability is where it’s at. (Sorry I ended with a preposition, Dad.) So, I did it. And while it might seem like a tiny step for most people (or really no step at all), it was big for me, and I’m proud of myself.

Thanks for the compliment of asking me, Aurelia, over and over, because you gave me confidence, and we all need a boost now and then. Y’all should check out her fun blog, You Frill Me.

And click HERE  to see my Frilling Fashionista feature.hatcollage2


Peaches. Persimmons. Whatever.

We made a quick (read: no time to visit with peeps) pit stop in Waco today, and I found a peach tree in Jared’s backyard. Feeling oh so whimsical, I just had to twirl around it. Opal felt the same need and joined in. I loved this quaint little find.

Then I found out it was a persimmons tree. Not so magical, but pretty nonetheless. We love Waco. And fake peaches. 

‘You Frill Me’ Giveaway!

Hey peeps, I’m trying to help you out!

I follow a blog called You Frill Me, and they are offering an incredible giveaway!

This blog is co-authored by a girl who went to seminary with me, and I’ve literally liked every single outfit I’ve seen her in. It’s a fun space that documents the little extra ‘frills’ in fashion, design, cooking, etc. that make life more interesting!

Go check out their giveaway, follow the instructions, and win (hopefully)! Who wouldn’t want to redesign their closet in an eco-friendly way?!

photo via here


Happy Labor Day!

We survived our weekend and spent our whole Labor Day in bed! We only awoke to pick up our puppy, eat and watch Bernie. Naps were the name of our game.

We spent Saturday and Sunday with our youth in New Braunfels floating the Comal River and watching 7th graders get sunburned at Schlitterbahn. I came up with my three favorite perks of traveling with youth:

1. Asking (making) the girls brush your hair and give you back scratches. (thanks, Alexis and Kourtney)

2. Group sing alongs to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap. (mainly feeling relieved that this beloved song hasn’t been passed over by the new generation)

3. Observing love triangles. 

It was a tiring two days but well worth the sleep deprivation. Thankful for two days away, time to build relationships with our youth, wonderful parent sponsors, watching young people be kind to one another and having fun, a chance to wear my polka-dot suit, and of course safety. But mostly, finding this gem of a water tower!

Walker: I’ve got everything I need.

Katelyn: Your wife and an inter-tube?

Walker: Yes, but most importantly the river.

Hoping all our friends and family had everything they needed this weekend!

sushi & rain boots

Since we are about to spend the next 48 hours with youth at water parks, we decided we deserved a date night. Plus it gave me a great excuse to wear my new Paizlee shirt!

Little did we know Lufkin was about to receive torrential rains. I promise I saw animals marching two by two and asking directions to the ark. Walker was so hungry he resorted to eating raisins, but we patiently waited until the rain eased up just enough as to not tear our umbrella in half.

We dropped our baby girl off at her home for the weekend (I really miss her) and finally made our way to restaurant row only to find dark windows from power outages. Terrified that Saki might be closed, we rejoiced as we saw the ‘open’ sign shining bright as the Vegas strip.

Good food. Good company. Great rain boots.



To all my lady friends, listen up! To all the husbands, boyfriends and significant others of my lady friends, listen closer! And to my own gift-giving mother, lookie here!

Two of my friends, emily PAIge and katie LEE, started an online clothing boutique called Paizlee that is most definitely worth checking out. I bought this shirt the first day they opened.

I can tell you that if I had a chance to choose who could dress me every day, these two lovelies would be at the top of the list!

Their goal is to cut the prices by cutting the middle man, so you are sure to find unique pieces for the prices you desire! Start treasure hunting now!