Juice me! But not in the steroid kind of way…

Being a real life juicer for 4 days has its highs and lows, PSYCHE, it only has lows. I’m sure if we went longer it would gradually get easier, but this was most definitely four days of stomach growls and shaky legs.

First I’d like to thank the bi-products of juicing like this one for keeping us going!pineapple headOn the first day there was pretty much no reason to go on living. I’m sure the devil himself invented juice cleanses, and if that’s true, salvation came in the form of adult gummy vitamins. We savored every bite and chew. They were our source of joy. We learned the social media rumor is true—every one loves to post what they’re eating. But that was nothing compared to our 3-hour torture chamber on Monday night as we headed up a fundraiser that had us sitting outside of Five Guys Burgers.

Oh what? You heard it’s teacher appreciation week? What idiot detoxes when your workplace has a different food event set up each day? Monday: candy, Tuesday: cookie bar, Wednesday-crawfish boil, Thursday-ice-cream truck…and on Friday, the day I could partake, I was out of town for the hot breakfast.

By the following day I was convinced my ribs were showing through my skin. I went home that afternoon hoping I had lost 5 pounds. I figured since I’m not doing this for weight loss in any way, if I had lost too much weight I would have to eat something. You know, for my own health. I was devastated to learn I was only down 1 pound, not enough for my stubborn self to justify solid food.ice cream truckThe final days had us dreaming about eating dinner the next night. I imagined us in a food-eating competition dunking cheeseburgers into water to increase our food intake per second.

Juicing took a lot of stress off of what to make for dinner, but surprisingly required more preparation and just as many dishes. While making our ‘meals’ we talked about weird things like if our septic tank backs up and poop comes out of our sinks, we are moving immediately. And we learned new things about each other such as when Walker informed me he wanted to see what a carrot tasted like. Yes, he tried his first raw carrot at 28 years of age.  Had I known, this would have been remedied 4 years ago. This was right before I caught him squeezing lemon juice into his mouth like a crack addict.

I hate to admit it, but I think it did get easier as time passed. When I felt full after my juice lunch Wednesday, part of me was relieved but part of me wanted to stay hangry.

Point of story—we are big babies, but babies with teeth who like to chew. I’m proud of us for sticking to what we said we would do but were overjoyed to dine with friends on Thursday night.

OH, and that first taste of raw carrot? He spit it out.

We took our recipes from here and here and liked/loved most of them!


Kale, Ginger, Celery, Oh My!


God help everyone who comes into contact with the McWilliams this week.

Take a look at our breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next four days. In an effort to detox our bodies and start anew with a healthy lifestyle, we are embarking on a 4 day juice cleanse.

We expect nothing less than growling stomachs, some headaches, lots of gas and marital squabbles due to being hangry (hunger anger) followed by a renewed dedication to eating right and exercising. And if you think we’re dumb, you might want to wait until next week to tell us.

And you better believe, if all I’m eating is juice, I’m going to dress it up as pretty as possible. So, as Walker just declared, we are real live juicers!

mason jar juice

‘You Frill Me’ Giveaway!

Hey peeps, I’m trying to help you out!

I follow a blog called You Frill Me, and they are offering an incredible giveaway!

This blog is co-authored by a girl who went to seminary with me, and I’ve literally liked every single outfit I’ve seen her in. It’s a fun space that documents the little extra ‘frills’ in fashion, design, cooking, etc. that make life more interesting!

Go check out their giveaway, follow the instructions, and win (hopefully)! Who wouldn’t want to redesign their closet in an eco-friendly way?!

photo via here


i gave up deoderant…

Lately we’ve been working on going green. Building our garden, making the extra effort to drop our plastic, cardboard, etc. at the recycling plant, and using recyclable grocery bags. Now we are venturing to other areas…hygiene! We are reducing the amount of chemicals we put into our body as well as reducing the amount of money we spend! Our friend Kelsey is the queen of homemade products, so thanks to her for some great ideas!

Face wash: Kelsey (I was going to link her blog to this, but I can’t find the link on fbook anymore. She doesn’t know it, but I stalked her blog hardcore before I met her.) introduced me to a new way to wash my face. Honey and baking soda. A teaspoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of locally-grown honey. Mix into a paste in the palm of your hand and wash away. Leaves your skin clean and oh so smooth. Walker and Jared both tried it while we were in Waco and were impressed as well. Didn’t even leave their beards sticky! Cara Jane  and Shauna have been dabbling in the experiment as well. We’ll see what they think.

Deodorant: Alcohol. That’s it. People have been making fun of me for getting rid of deodorant, but I can’t figure out why when it is linked to both Alzheimer’s and cancer. I’m a sweater. I’ve always been self-conscious about the amount I can sweat while just sitting still. Although this alcohol solution isn’t an antiperspirant, only deodorant, I’m almost positive I’ve been sweating less, too! Put 99% Isopropyl alcohol (I’ve been using 70%) into a spray bottle (Baylor colored bottles work better) and spray one or two spritzes on each armpit. It doesn’t sting even after I shave my pits. Sometimes I have to reapply to freshen up in the evening, but it usually keeps me smelling nice all day long! Super cheap and super effective. Save your money and your memory!

Toothpaste: Found this recipe online and my teeth feel great. I would recommend using a little less salt as I felt like I was drinking ocean water. Using this method we can save around $4 a tube!

Resolution Success!

Today I accomplished what might seem small to some, but I consider it quite grand. One of my new year’s resolutions is to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store but instead carry out my loot in recyclable bags. On January 1st, I failed. I also failed on Jan 2-22. But, oh glorious day, Jan 23! I finally remembered to put my bags in my car AND take them into both Target and HEB. Better 23 days late than never. And how much easier was it to carry my groceries!

We were created to protect and sustain the earth, not waste it away. I’m increasingly interested in my impact on the environment and the ways in which Walker and I can live sustainably. Today I made a very small step in the right direction.