We’ll march forever down the years

20130805-090813.jpgWe were passing through Waco Saturday night when we needed to grab a quick dinner with Opal in tow. We picked up a Chicago-style pizza and swung by Baylor for a spontaneous little date. Well, one thing led to another and we gave Opal a whole campus tour. At least as much as her smushed nose and absent endurance could handle. By the end of it, we had some really great laughs but also an overheated pup for whom we quickly went to buy a water bottle. Yes, our love of Baylor almost killed our dog. But as most Baylor grads would say, you gotta start ’em early, right? Hopefully next time these pictures will include a green and gold cheerleading outfit. We all have to move on from Baylor at some point or another, but isn’t it the best place to go back and visit?!20130805-090901.jpg“You’re telling me this makes me keep barking even after I stop?!”20130805-091015.jpgPracticing for her future graduation picture. 20130805-091055.jpg“SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!”20130805-091147.jpgShe couldn’t believe she was standing in the same place where her godparents got engaged. 20130805-091216.jpgPro-Texana. Pro Ecclesia. 20130805-091756.jpgShe ran everywhere with this much excitement. Or she was in squirrel-chasing heaven. 20130805-091303.jpgShe wasn’t so much a fan of the fountain. Please notice her skid marks. 20130805-091353.jpgSometimes we still stand in awe, too, Opal. 20130805-091455.jpg“Ruff, ruff, ruuuuuuuuff!” Aggressively barking at Judge Baylor as a real tour walked by made for two really embarrassed parents. 20130805-091532.jpgBut she started to warm up to him. 20130805-091600.jpgAnd knew they’d be friends forever. As long as stars shall shine.

And there you have it. One of our absolute funniest memories with this dog of ours. So glad to have her back. Sic ’em bears! Shoot!! We never made it over to the bears.


Walker the Talker

Walker likes to participate in what he calls ‘making memories.’ This isn’t the ‘let’s go on an adventure’ type memory. This is the ‘let me intentionally annoy Katelyn so she will always remember.’ One of his favorite settings is when we are laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Wait, let me back up, I mean when I’m already asleep and have been for a while. Sometimes he just goes for it and wakes me up for pillow talk. Then other times he nudges me until he knows I’m half awake and declares something along these lines…

W: Sometimes I just look over at you, and you’re just so beautiful.

W: And sometimes I look over, and you’re not there.

W: And then sometimes I look over, and you’re not beautiful.

And like usual, he has succeeded, in ‘making a memory’ I will never forget.daddy daughter dance

A forty year-old teenager

A few weeks ago I received a ‘compliment’ I might never forget. And then came today– a day that will keep me both laughing and puzzled for years to come. Today I was mistaken for a student by an administrator and then asked by a student if I am in my forties.

Let me repeat that…An administrator thought I was a student. A student thought I was forty. From teenager to mid-life crisis in a matter of minutes.

And with that, this 26 year-old says:hello


This has been circling the internet, and I want to post it on here so I will remember it always. Maybe it’s the writer in me, but these bad analogies rival any joke, funny story or awkward moment that has ever rendered me laughter. I say maybe it’s the writer in me because Walker barely cracked a smile while I was barely breathing. Numbers 4, FIVE, 8, 11 and 12 nearly took by life through asphyxiation. I know they took my mascara.


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Thank you?

I want to remember tonight. Tonight is the night someone told me ‘You look like Johnny Depp.’ Tonight is the night that someone told me I look like a man, and I took it as a compliment. From now on, you can call me John. 20130306-212536.jpg

Walker the Talker

After hanging out with our expectant friends…

K: I want a baby. Except without the responsibility. And I don’t want to give up our freedom. So never mind.

W: I’ve been thinking. Why don’t we start a program of baby sleepovers where we just invite a bunch of babies to come sleep at our house with us. You know how you have to have puppy play dates to socialize dogs? Well, we could introduce babies to other babies and get to hang out with them. What do you think?

K: I think you just made the blog.23 months

…the king…

Yesterday in music class stood a giant cardboard cutout of Elvis. Taped to him was a ‘Happy Birthday to me!’ sign in celebration of his big day. When the children ran into the room they all stopped. Pointed. And started yelling “Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson!”

That’s all.20130109-162942.jpg

Hey, Santa!

We had a wild night out on the town for my first evening away from our flu-ridden bed. I imagine these pics to be pretty accurate of any similar photos taken in the 80s/90s. Walker loving anybody who will be showering him with gifts. Me crying like I did the whole first week of kindergarten…and college.santaI should probably be the one showering Walker with gifts. In the past few days he has proven his ‘I do.’ Thanks for plunging a toilet, tracking my meds, sitting in a waiting room, waking up every hour of the night to pump me full of Gatorade and so. much. more. Without you, I might have gotten ‘the flu that turns into bronchitis, that turns into pneumonia, that kills you.’ That’s what you said, right?  I owe you, dude.