Walker the Talker: gross


…as Opal sits at Walker’s feet begging for his food…

W: Opal, I don’t have anything. I’m just chewing on my beard hair.



Walker the Talker

As we are walking out to our car, we step off our front porch and onto the sidewalk where Walker looks down and spots some of his little friends.

Walker: Aw, I love those little ants!

Katelyn: (just an ‘Are you the weirdest person I know?’ look on my face)

Walker: When I clip my toenails out here, they always come up to me, grab my toenails and carry them off to eat them.

Katelyn: (still no words. but my question was immediately answered.)


Walker the Talker

Walker likes to participate in what he calls ‘making memories.’ This isn’t the ‘let’s go on an adventure’ type memory. This is the ‘let me intentionally annoy Katelyn so she will always remember.’ One of his favorite settings is when we are laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Wait, let me back up, I mean when I’m already asleep and have been for a while. Sometimes he just goes for it and wakes me up for pillow talk. Then other times he nudges me until he knows I’m half awake and declares something along these lines…

W: Sometimes I just look over at you, and you’re just so beautiful.

W: And sometimes I look over, and you’re not there.

W: And then sometimes I look over, and you’re not beautiful.

And like usual, he has succeeded, in ‘making a memory’ I will never forget.daddy daughter dance

Walker the Talker

I leave for work when Walker is still tightly tucked under the covers. No glasses. No motor skills. No brain function. Every morning I give him a kiss on the forehead and bid him adieu. He always manages to muster some sort of response (luuhh….groan…yu). This morning was no different.

Me: Love you. Bye.

Walker:  Love you, too.

Walker: April fools.

Either he really doesn’t love me, or he thinks in jokes even while he’s asleep.

Considering this was our ‘prank’ for the day, I’m feeling old.

what are you looking at

Walker the Talker

After hanging out with our expectant friends…

K: I want a baby. Except without the responsibility. And I don’t want to give up our freedom. So never mind.

W: I’ve been thinking. Why don’t we start a program of baby sleepovers where we just invite a bunch of babies to come sleep at our house with us. You know how you have to have puppy play dates to socialize dogs? Well, we could introduce babies to other babies and get to hang out with them. What do you think?

K: I think you just made the blog.23 months

Walker the Talker

I’ve decided to start a new series called Walker the Talker.

I’ve never met somebody who has the ability to so dramatically use his words like my husband. Sometimes it gets him into trouble, but most of the time it just makes those around him laugh. I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Walker: “Oh, You saved me from the edge of abyss! Now I must thank you with a kiss!”

Translation: I helped him from falling off the couch.

Stay tuned for more!